Showing Off Our Region

Fifteen. That’s how many international, national, regional tradeshows, and industry events the Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC) attended during 2017. These events provide opportunities to share the collaborate efforts happening in the region that have become global differentiators including our customized education to workforce strategy.

­Economic development efforts are focused around touchpoints. The more companies, decision-makers, and individuals the organization connects with, the better the chance to provide assistance for expansion, increased opportunities for recruiting business to locate in the region, connect companies into resources necessary to sustain or grow, make B2B connections, and to further strengthen existing supply chains.

Gerald Sagona, RAEDC’s Vice President of Business Development, sees the opportunity in tradeshows stating, ”My primary role is to aggressively present meaningful information about the economic opportunities in the Rockford Region and to develop relationships with as many company owners, decision-makers, site selectors, and brokers as possible. Company visits, networking events, tradeshows, research, telephone calls, and electronic communication are all necessary ingredients to generate the leads that turn into projects and will ultimately become wins in the form of primary jobs for our region,” he says.

Through trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions the RAEDC cultivates opportunities for primary job growth that increases the economic well-being of our region.

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