Hennig Inc. to Break Ground for New, $3M Expansion Project

Two new facility additions totaling 28,000 sq. ft. will bring more than 50 jobs to the community in its Machesney Park location and increase company’s manufacturing capacity

Hennig, Inc. www.hennig-inc.com , a global leader in design and manufacturing of machine protection and coolant/chip management systems, is proud to announce the groundbreaking event for expansion of its manufacturing facilities.

The ceremony will take place at the Southwest of the main Hennig building at 9900 N. Alpine Rd. on Wednesday, December 20th at 1:00 p.m. with Cord Construction, www.cordconstruction.com leading all development work.  Local, state and federal officials will join Hennig in this celebration.  The two new additions to the existing buildings will accommodate the increasing customer demand and grow business in the upcoming years. Upon completion, Hennig’s current 9900 N Alpine Rd. facility will total 110,000 sq. ft. and its 9904 N. Alpine building will amount to 68,699 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

“The expansion will not only increase our top line revenue and overall profitability, but more importantly, it will also allow us to grow our market share in our backup power generation business (Genset) that we started 10 years ago,” explains Dietmar Goellner, AME/Hennig Inc. President & CEO. “We must increase capacity quickly to meet customer demand.”

Goellner is excited for the benefits the expansion will bring to the local community, including additional business for their local suppliers, and more manufacturing jobs for the local community.

“We at AME and Hennig consider ourselves to be manufacturing activists and we are bullish for the state of manufacturing in the United States,” claims Goellner. “We’re certainly doing our part to grow the manufacturing sector through our apprenticeship and other employee development programs. We passionately hope the United States manufacturing sector will again reach the glory days of the past.”

The anticipated project completion date is May 2018.

About Hennig Inc.

Hennig Inc. was founded in 1950 in Munich, Germany and in 2000 became a member of Goellner Group, Rockford, IL USA. Headquartered in Machesney Park, IL, Hennig has been designing and producing quality machine protection products in Europe and worldwide for over 60 years. Its production and service centers span the globe, ensuring speedy dispatch of top class products and reliable support to the customers. The company prides itself in utilizing the latest technologies available, and offers a quick turnaround and fast response to customers’ varying needs. Hennig’s long-standing reputation is a tribute to the dedicated engineering and productions teams and technical know-how. Making our Customers Successful is not only its mission, it is a roadmap to improvement, growth and commitment  to create efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the customers.

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