Letters to the Rockford Region – November 2017

Did you know the Region’s Innovation in Workforce is Being Noticed?

Dr. Kevin Fleming, keynote speaker at the RAEDC’s Annual Meeting on November 15th, commended the region’s customized education to workforce pipeline strategies. During his address, Dr. Fleming reminds our community that what we are doing is a global differentiator and not many communities are committed to this type of work. As a community, we need to continue to support workforce efforts and promote them inside as well as outside our region.

The collaborative spirit we have established to create customized talent supply chains is a differentiator for the Rockford Region, they provide an advantage over other regions when cultivating opportunities for primary job growth that increase the economic well-being of our region.

Nathan Bryant, president and CEO of the RAEDC stated “The region has the opportunity to attract and retain sticky jobs that are good today, tomorrow, and in the future for the region through the development of customized education to workforce solutions. The community that successfully collaborates and demonstrates the ability to support business workforce requirements will control its own destiny. There is no bigger opportunity for our community.

This content also appeared in the Rockford Register Star in November 2017.