Lip Balm and Marketing

As we approach winter, I am reminded of a yearly struggle and the importance of relevance. For two-years I have been telling my son to wear lip balm. I have bought different flavors and different brands hoping something would click. We have the same conversation over and over.

Mom: Wear your lip balm. If you don’t your lips will chap and eventually crack.
Son: I like having cracked lips.
Mom: They will also start to bleed and make it hurt to eat and drink. Just wear it, please.
Son: I don’t care if it hurts, I can handle the pain. And I don’t care about scabs.

For two years, we had the same conversation, until last winter. After purchasing yet another brand and flavor we have this conversation;

Mom: Wear your lip balm. If you don’t your lips will eventually crack and bleed, making it hard to eat.
Son: I like having cracked lips. I can stand the pain.
Mom: It will hurt so much you won’t be able to play your saxophone.
Son: Oh, ok. I’ll wear it.

All it took was to relate the information to something that was important to him, directly and personally. Marketing is the same way. Your company may have the best product, best price, and still not reach your audience because the message hasn’t been tailored to be relevant to their needs. In 2017 evaluate your products, evaluate your current and potential customers, then establish a message that is directly relevant to the customer’s needs.

By Erin Marshall

This article also appeared in the Rockford Chamber’s The Voice publication.