Letters to the Rockford Region – August 2017

Did you know our region has the highest concentration of cold forming employment in the USA!

Cold Forming Employment Concentration - Rockford MSAThe region is competing against other metropolitan statistical areas much larger than ours and demonstrating the ability to provide this specialized form of manufacturing on a world-class level.

Cold forming, also known as cold heading, is the process of shaping metals at room temperature. In cold forming, metal is forced into dies at high pressure and at high-speed. This multi-step process shapes the metal from wire into a screw or rivet, which are the most common form of fasteners made using this process. The process results in a higher strength fastener with little to no waste
material generated.

In our region, there are 39 companies that provide cold forming services and an additional 26 companies that provide metal treating and coating services after the cold forming process.

The region’s bloodline of manufacturing and innovation and has positioned itself as a leader in advanced manufacturing and the region’s cold forming manufacturing industry demonstrates these capabilities.

We are still a Fastener Hub in the USA – We are #1!

The Rockford MSA (metropolitan statistical area) includes Winnebago and Boone Counties.

This content also appeared in the Rockford Register Star in August 2017.