Letters to the Rockford Region – July 2017

The ratio of jobs in demand for today’s economy is for every 1 job that requires a Master’s Degree or Doctorate, 2 jobs require a four-year degree, and 7 jobs that require a certificate or other technical training.

This 7:2:1 ratio has held consistent from the mid-1900’s and will continue to hold true past the 2000’s.

Industrial Career Example:

  • 7 machinists such as CNC operators, quality control, or maintenance and repair technicians
  • 2 engineers (electrical, mechanical, civil)
  • 1 chief engineer

Medical Careers Examples:

  • 7 laboratory or x-ray technicians, dietitians, or emergency medical technicians
  • 2 nurses
  • 1 doctor

These skilled technical jobs are in high demand, provide a financial prosperity, and are jobs that are good today, tomorrow, and in the future.

The Rockford Region has multiple education opportunities to support all levels of career options. The important component is to gain the education that is right for the
career you want.

To learn more about the 7:2:1 ratio and keep up to date on the community’s efforts with this concept go to RockfordIL.com/721