Excelsior Inc. acquires Grumen Manufacturing Inc.

Excelsior Inc (Rockford IL) has announced the acquisition of Grumen Manufacturing Inc. (Gurney IL). Grumen is a manufacturer of custom gaskets, seals and other mechanical component parts and over 20 years and has developed a broad range of processing capabilities for these type of products.

“Grumen’s focus on prompt response, technical support, efficient manufacturing and their continuous improvement culture align well with Excelsior’s focus,” said Mike Abrahams, Excelsior President. “This acquisition expands our capacity and our capabilities through the addition of new processes including lathe cutting and rubber splicing.  It also expands our customer base.”

Excelsior plans to integrate Grumen’s manufacturing operations into its Rockford facility over the next few months.

About Excelsior Inc.

Excelsior Inc. is a manufacturer of custom gaskets, washers, seals, insulators, packings, shims, protective covers and other precision parts from both synthetic materials and thin gauge metals. Excelsior is AS9100C; ISO9001:2008 registered and provides materials for domestic and international markets in Aerospace, Electronics, Food Processing, Medical Devises, Compressors, Fluid Handling, Filtration, Plumbing, Hardware and more. For more information, visit www.excelsiorinc.com.