Letter to the Rockford Region – January 2017

The RAEDC Mission

RRSTAR January 2017 - Mission, Rockforward20/20, TeamThe Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC) cultivates opportunities for primary job growth that increase the economic well-being of our region.

Who is the RAEDC Team

The RAEDC team, composed of boomerangs, life-long residents, and transplants have the experience and passion to conduct the daily work of economic development. Each member brings a different experience and perspective to the table.

  • Nathan Bryant, President & CEO
  • Leilani Hillis, Director of Operations
  • Jimsi Kuborn, Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Erin Marshall, Communications and Marketing Coordinator
  • Nicole “Nicci” Mayfield, Investor Relations Coordinator
  • Gina Meeks, Business Development Assistant
  • Gerald “Jerry” Sagona, Vice President of National Business Development

What is Rockforward20/20

Rockforward20/20 is a bold vision for the future of the Rockford Region. The five-year strategic plan runs from January 2016 – December 2020. Rockforward20/20 continues the momentum to create or retain 10,500 primary jobs, 8 million square feet of new or renovated commercial space, and $925 million in capital investments.