Rockford Region Welcomes Swedish Delegations

Swedish Delegates Visit the Rockford Region

Lidkoping and Rockford - Swedish DelegatesThis fall the Rockford Region will welcome nurses, nursing instructors, journalists, construction students and instructors as well as government officials. The Industrial Partnership Agreement between the City of Lidköping in Sweden and the City of Rockford allows for the opportunity to identify partners to collaborate with and to build a network base, that makes it easier for Swedish companies and organizations to navigate in the U.S. market. This creates a shared effort between partners to grow locally by working globally. The Swedish Delegations will be visiting throughout the months of September and November.

Upcoming visits include:

September 7-27: Swedish Journalist, Andreas Jemn, will be in Rockford, to write stories for a book about Swedish-Americans in Rockford. If you know anyone who would be interested in being interviewed by Andreas, please contact Linnea Bengstsson or Tim Krumland. Interviews will be held at Nordic Cultural Center (across from the Erlander Home Museum in Haigh Village). The questions will be: tell me about your life in Rockford, how does Rockford vary from other cities in the States, how has Rockford changed during your time here, share some important milestones that has occurred in Rockford.

September 22 – October 7: Eight Nursing Students and four Nursing Instructors from De la Gardiegymnasiet, Lidköping, will be in Rockford. This is the sixth round of Nursing Delegation coming from De la Gardiegymnasiet to Rockford, as part of this international nursing exchange program between Lidköping and SwedishAmerican Health System and other organizations here in Rockford. At the Nursing Program in Lidköping, has been both an increase in quality and number of students applying to the nursing program and that the opportunity to come to Rockford is a big reason for that. While the students are in the area, they will do practical work at SwedishAmerican Hospital, visit Rock Valley College and Guilford High School as well as visit local attractions and one day in Chicago. The trip is funded by the City of Lidköping and SwedishAmerican Foundation.

October 5-14: A second Nursing Delegation (Principal Anders Back; Team Leader Elisabeth Lindström; and two students) from De la Gardiegymnasiet, Lidköping, will come to Rockford. This trip is funded by a grant secured from the Swedish Government, with help by a letter of intent from RPS 205 Guildford High School. The purpose of this trip is to explore expansion of the on-going nursing exchange program, and to see if there are opportunities for local Rockford schools and/or organizations, to also make visits to Lidköping, Sweden. They will meet with Dr. Ehren Jarrett and Guilford High School, RVC and others.

October 9-29: Six Construction Students and four Construction Instructors from De la Gardiegymnasiet, Lidköping, will be in Rockford. They will lend a helping hand to the renovations of the Nordic Cultural Center (operated by Swedish Historical Society). The trip is funded by Swedish Historical Society, SwedishAmerican Foundation and the City of Lidköping.

October 10-14: Mayor Kjell Hedvall and Deputy Mayor Bertil Jonsson will be in Rockford as part of the 10 year anniversary of the Industrial Partnership Agreement. Their itinerary is in the process of being finalized contact Linnea Bengstsson to provide suggestions.

October 10-16: A delegation from the City of Falköping (a city in the County of Skaraborg), including the Mayors and business leaders, will come to Belvidere and Rockford to explore partnership with the City of Belvidere. Mayor Mike Chamberlain had several skype meetings and made a visit to Falköping last year. Linnea Bengstsson will be assisting with their itinerary together with Mayor Chamberlain.