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Linstrom Travel Lidkoping PartnershipOn March 29th, Lindstrom Travel, third generation family business (Rockford), signed a formal partnership with Swedish family business; Nybergs buss (Lidköping) via Skype.

The purpose of the partnership is to accelerate on their already established business relationship. Together they continue to provide unique customized trips overseas for groups from the Rockford area and beyond, traveling to Sweden and Scandinavia. Both companies recognize the simplicity of traveling between Sweden and the U.S. However, to get to see unique sites in local cities, and to upfront be informed about the cultural differences in respective country, requires a network and knowhow, which Lindstrom Travel and Nybergs Buss offers you. If your interest is finding your Swedish roots, tour sustainability plants, celebrate Midsummer at Läckö Castle, they provide packages for that.

“We want local organizations in the Rockford area and beyond, to know that we have a partnership with a local travel agency on the ground in Sweden, and this way we can provide unique customized trips based your organization´s interest”. Richard Sturm, Vice President, Lindstrom Travel.

In 2006 the two businesses were introduced to each other while working with the Rockford Area Economic Development Council. Again in 2013 via the Industrial Partnership Agreement in place between Rockford and Lidköping. Later that same year a travel program of one week in Scandinavia was formed. The trip did not sell at that time, but the work creating the program brought the two businesses closer to each other, in terms of learning more about each other cultures. Last year, the two businesses, together with SwedishAmerican Foundation, put together a unique program in Sweden with focus on health care, sustainability, innovation and heritage. Great interest was shown about the trip and in addition to the set program, side trips was added for travellers that wanted to see pure tourist attractions. The trip sold out!

“In September SwedishAmerican Foundation led a trip to Sweden, organized by Lindstrom Travel and executed onsite by Nybergs Buss. The organizations worked seamlessly together to provide our delegation with a trip of a lifetime! They were not only great organizers, but went above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with the best experience a traveler could hope. They helped create positive, life-long memories.” Laura Wilkinson, Director, SwedishAmerican Foundation “By partnering together, we can now offer customized trips for groups locally travelling overseas. Rather than them reaching out internationally, we do that for them which makes it easier for the travel group leader to handle all the details, when the contact person is locally stationed and in the same time zone.” Richard Sturm, Vice President, Lindstrom Travel “We welcome travellers from the Rockford area to travel to Sweden, and we look forward to welcome them with our motor coaches as they land at the airport and show them a good time”. Lennart Björling, Team Member, Nybergs Buss

“Trips to Sweden and to America are put together frequently. Lidköping and Rockford are both cities that may not be the main destination for international travellers, but by having these local businesses partnering, the two cities can be one part of a larger program sold to international travellers”. Linnea Bengtsson, International Business Developer, City of Lidköping & County of Skaraborg.


Media coverage from Lidköping

 Contact person: Linnea Bengtsson, International Business Developer, City of Lidköping & County of Skaraborg, Sweden linnea.bengtsson@lidkoping.se 815 985 3895

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