Engineering Our Future

Sagar Patel NIU RVC PartnershipEngineering Or Future announced the beginning of the fund raising campaign to generate $6 million to support the NIU-RVC Engineering Program. Members of the community have already stepped up to support this critical educational partnership. Woodward Charitable Trust has committed $2 million, the Stenstrom Foundation has made a considerable leadership contribution along with the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.

“Woodward is proud to be a partner in this historic and exciting collaboration,” Sagar Patel, President of Aircraft Turbine Systems at Woodward says. “Engineers are vital for innovation and economic competitiveness in America. An engineering program, right here in Rockford, enables creation of world class products and advanced manufacturing. This engineering program is essential and will ensure a bright future for our community.

The new Mechanical or Electrical Engineering and Applied Manufacturing Technology degree will be available to students without leaving the Rockford Region and will ensure a student receives a high-quality four year bachelor’s education while working and without racking up huge student debt.

Two students who have signed up for the course provide their insight into why the program is right for them. 

Learn more about the partnership, program and students here:

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