Getting Ready for Hannover Messe

hannover messe trade fair logoThe Business Attraction Team is getting ready for Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany in April. Partnering with the State of Illinois, RAEDC is attending the world’s largest manufacturing and industrial fair. With exhibitors from 48 countries attending Hannover Messes the opportunities for networking will be spectacular.

The US is a Partner Country for the first time and is bringing a delegation of 211 businesses and organizations to the event covering areas such as Digital, Industrial Automation, Industrial Supply, Investment, and Research & Technology. An estimated 250,000 visitors will tour the fair during the 5 day event.

The RAEDC’s goal is to promote the Rockford Region’s industry clusters, particularly advanced manufacturing and aerospace; bringing an opportunity to attract new investment in the region and result in a more complete vertical supply chain. Dennis McCarthy, Director of National Business Development for RAEDC has set the target of 12 one-on-one meetings during the fair. He will be strategically targeting businesses that align with the Rockford Regions industry clusters for these one-on-one meetings increase the opportunities for foreign direct investment generated from this event.

President Barak Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will open Hannover Messe 2016 on Sunday, April 24th. This clearly demonstrates the importance the US has to Germany for advanced manufacturing as a business partner.

For Hannover Messe sponsorship opportunities contact Dennis McCarthy at 815-969-4254 or at

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