Grow Locally by Growing Globally

Delegates from Lidköping-Skaraborg visited the Rockford Region November 15-21, 2015 furthering the relationship between the cities.11.16.15 Swedish Delegation

Mike Nicholas, President of the RAEDC met with the delegation on Monday at the Rockford Country Club to discuss matters that connected each region; specifically Knowledge Driven Industry and the creation of the NLF in Sweden; similar to the Rockford Area Economic Development Council.

The delegates included: Kjell Hedvall, Mayor, City of Lidköping; Kajsa Ezelius, Vice Mayor, City of Lidköping; Bertil Jonsson, 2nd Vice Mayor, City of Lidköping; Jan Fransson, Executive Director, City of Lidköping; Katarina Jonsson, Mayor, City of Skövde & Chair County of Skaraborg; Marie Ekman, 2nd Vice Mayor, City of Skövde; Per-Olof Hermansson, Executive Director, County of Skaraborg Association of Local Authorities; Victor Sunnliden, Marketing Director, City of Skövde; Therese Engdahl, Owner and Blacksmith Smedja Therese/Blacksmith Therese; Niclas Engdahl, Owner and Blacksmith, Smedja Therese; Linnea Bengtsson, International Business Developer, City of Lidköping & County of Skaraborg.

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