Report: Northrop Grumman Supplier Symposium a success

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ROCKFORD, July 13 — In May of this year, Congressman Adam Kinzinger and the Rockford Area Economic Development Council (RAEDC) hosted a supplier symposium with Northrop Grumman and area manufacturers. Northern Public Radio reported that dozens of businesses met with representatives from the aerospace giant Northrop Grumman.

In an interview with Northern Public Radio, the RAEDC’s Carrie Zethmayr explains how symposiums like this one are helpful to the region. “The aerospace industry, as well as other industries which have a high level of international trade, pay an average higher wage. So, while we want to promote opportunities at all levels within the community, over time, long-term we want to increase the average wage of the Rockford Region.”

According to Sagar Patel, President of Woodward, events such as the symposium have had a real boost for local companies and the region. For example, Woodward recently opened its brand-new state-of-the-art Rock Cut Campus because of efforts like the Joint Institute persuaded the company to stick around.

Clayton Balmes of Spartacus Group was also quoted by Northern Public Radio as praising the event and its organizers, “There’s a lot of quality people that showed up here today to help. People that you might never have seen before or been able to contact. Myself, I got like two or three quality information leads where I can be able to help other people.”

According to Gloria Pualani, Corporate Director of Global Supplier Diversity & Government Relations for Northrop Grumman, this event is beneficial to them as well, “we believe this is a great opportunity for us to identify a diverse group of suppliers with commodities and services, and we are excited to be here.”

For more information on similar events, contact the RAEDC at or (815)987-8118.

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