Transform Rockford updates work of teams, announces July 8 ideas event


ROCKFORD, June 12 — Transform Rockford, a regional long-term planning initiative to dramatically improve the social and economic condition of the Rockford Region, announced over 200 new volunteers from the Rockford Region will make up the 14 issue-focused teams to facilitate the design and implementation of strategic plans and next steps to make Rockford a top 25 community by 2025.

The teams are diving into the work of researching, assessing and analyzing in order to develop the strategies. At the press conference today, organizers of the teams described the process of building the teams and next steps.

“This is an amazing group of people; we have been so impressed with the level of talented people in our community who have come forward to be a part of this effort”, stated Bill Gissal, co-lead organizer team recruiting.

In the coming months, the issue-focused teams will:

1) Engage the community
• Input; Community Idea Exchange, July 8 and other input opportunities
2) Develop strategy in phases
• Structure and Organize
• Assess
• Analyze
• Draft case for action
3) Offer material for community review and feedback

Next Community Event, Community Idea Exchange:

Community ideas are needed. The Community Idea Exchange has been announced and the entire community is invited to participate. We need your thoughts on how our community can boldly leverage its strengths to do great things. Our community has defined what it wants to be through its vision and impact statements. Now join us to brainstorm and exchange ideas on how we can become that top 25 community by 2025.
Wednesday July 8, 2015, 5:30-7:00pm
YMCA, 200 Y Blvd, Rockford

Detail of New Teams:

Based on the vast community input and analysis from steps one and two of the Transformation process, a Vision Statement, set of Shared Values, and Impact Statements were formulated. Fourteen specific issue focus areas for improvement were defined. Formation of issue teams to address each of these improvement opportunities was a key component in step three of the Transformation Process. This effort was overseen by the Transform Rockford Engagement Team and was led by the expertise of Bill Gissal and Kim Kuborn.

Over the past six months, a group of individuals including the Transform Rockford Engagement Team, Segment leads, and Steering Committee have engaged in a rigorous process to identify, recruit, and select committed individuals to fill the various issue team roles—leads, subject matter experts, community members, analysts. Each team has 12-15 members. Team members were specifically chosen based on the following criteria:
• Possess the desired skill and behavioral competencies for the various team roles.
• Have understanding and appreciation of the Shared Values required to effectively allow everyone to have a voice.
• Know the critical value of being able to network within our community.
• Are committed to the overall Transform Rockford goal to be a top 25 community where our citizens are engaged, inspired and leading successful and fulfilling lives.

The teams now have the task to develop strategies to realize the community vision. This is a challenging undertaking which requires a diverse and inclusive group of individuals for each spoke focus area that is representative of all the community interests necessary for success.

Please provide your support to these volunteer Spoke Team Members. Hundreds of residents have participated in the Transform Rockford community sessions, completed interest cards, and expressed their desire to be involved. There will be future opportunities to participate in the Transform Rockford process as additional members work on implementation plans for the strategies defined by these issue teams.

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