RAEDC’s Patterson, Hall quoted in 2-part radio story about ways to help Rockford youth

tj ROCKFORD, May 29 — Joshua Patterson and Terrance Hall of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council were included in a Northern Public Radio two-part series about crime perceptions and prevention in Rockford.

Patterson, RAEDC business attraction coordinator, is president of the Wabongo Leadership Council, which promotes leadership, networking and community activism. Hall, RAEDC international business and trade development specialist, is the community and economic development chair for the council.

Both moved to Rockford for their jobs and have worked through Wabongo Leadership Council to provide opportunites and skills to young people through job-prep workshops and college tours.

“At the heart of the problem of violence is economics,” Hall was quoted as saying. “I’m under the belief that the vast majority of people don’t want to commit crimes.”

Patterson spoke about the importance of mentorships. “I can always think back to a coach, somebody at church, somebody I met on the street who sparked up a conversation … somebody at the YMCA. I was just looking at them and admiring their life…and being inspired by that.”

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