Report: 48 Rockford students attend DuBois College Tour

Wabongo College Trip Josh

ROCKFORD, May 4 — Over Spring Break 2015, 50 students (48 from the Rockford Public School System) went on a tour of six colleges along the East Coast. The trip, DuBois College Tour 2015, was sponsored by the Wabongo Leadership Council, a local organization dedicated to developing leadership skills.

According to a blog post on, it was a very successful trip. Richard Thomas, a Guilford Junior, said he has officially decided to go into either engineering or the medical field now and walked away from the trip with a business card from a professor at one of the colleges visited.

The Rockford Area Economic Development Council‘s Business Attraction Coordinator, Joshua Patterson, was a chaperone on the trip. In a previous news release about the tour, Patterson stated, “Our children are the future of our community. Anyone who does not have an interpersonal understanding of their options does not truly make a choice. We have to expose our children to higher education and remove barriers to access. Once education is perceived as a feasible option, it will become a viable choice.”

The Wabongo Leadership Council posted pictures of the tour to their Facebook Page.

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