Illinois Treasurer promotes ‘roadmap to the American dream’


ROCKFORD, April 30 — Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs spoke to about three dozen business and government leaders today as part of his statewide tour reviewing his first 100 days in office.

His report, “A Financial Roadmap to the American Dream,” can be found here. Frerichs said despite being the “chief money guy” for Illinois, he does not have any formal role in the budget process, as that is left to the Legislature and the governor.

As the state’s chief investment officer, Frerichs focuses on being fiscally responsible in managing the state’s investments and giving working famililes the tools they need to achieve, whether it’s sending their children to college or being able to retire with the savings they need or just increasing their financial literacy overall.

Perhaps his office’s most visible push right now is to help reunite citizens with unclaimed property through the I-Cash program. In Winnebago, Boone and Stephenson counties, an estimated 170,000 people have unclaimed cash or property that is being safeguarded by the Treasurer’s Office. The value exceeds $31 million. Statewide, the Treasurer secures more than $2.1 billion in unclaimed cash and property. Click on the link to see if you are on the list.

“Jewelry, coins and family mementos tucked away in a safe deposit box are common examples of items that we hold for safe keeping as we try to locate the proper owners,” Frerichs said. “These items do not belong to the state and should be returned to their rightful owners.”

Frerichs also encourages people to sign up for the state’s 529 college savings programs, Bright Start and Bright Directions, to show young people that you believe in their futures.

A Certified Public Finance Officer, former Champaign County auditor and former state senator representing East Central Illinois, Frerichs is committed to restoring integrity and transparency to state government. Read his full bio here.

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