RAEDC’s work with AAR and RVC captures national attention in Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine


Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine’s January/February 2015 issue looks at how governments, economic development organizations and industry come together to break ground in aviation; Rockford is profiled alongside two other projects in Puerto Rico, all chosen for their innovative nature.

The education-industry focus of collaboration among the Rockford Area Economic Development Council, Rock Valley College and AAR captured particular attention.

Carrie Zethmayr, executive director for trade and investment at the RAEDC, is quoted on the aerospace cluster and the six strategies of Rockford Area Aerospace Network. “We have made significant strides toward achieving this comprehensive ecosystem, most notably in recent years through Woodward’s announced expansion in 2012, and AAR’s announced development of an MRO operation at RFD in 2014. And the expansion of Rock Valley College’s aircraft maintenance program announced in 2014 will ensure sustainability of these programs.”

The article ends on this note: “Build it and they will come. With the right mix of government support, training resources, and industry growth, aviation can thrive.”

Read the full story here.

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