Swedish nursing student’s Rockford visit featured in newspaper


Last month, we shared highlights of a visit to Rockford by Swedish nursing students and teachers.

Upon returning home, one of the students, De la Gardiegymnasiet’s Reena Lindell from Grästorp, shared her experiences in Rockford as part of the Skaraborg-Midwest partnership (see photo of the Lidköping newspaper clipping below; the headline says: “My dream to become a midwife was reinforced in the U.S.”).

According to Linnea Bengtsson, an international business developer who spends time both here and in Sweden, Reena talks about how extremely lucky she felt that she got to be part of this trip because of the new experiences and knowledge she gained.

Reena spent most of her time at SwedishAmerican Hospital. She said she was nervous at first to go alone to various departments, but thanks to the kindess of the staff and patients, she felt comfortable.

She also liked the fact that the patients would ask her if she knew their Swedish cousin Tore who lives there. She would answer no, but if she would see him, she will tell him hello.

On the medical side, she noted that she witnessed four births; for someone like her, who always wanted to become a midwife, this was amazing.

Reena 12 dec 2014



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