Workers’ compensation input requested

John Cabello

ROCKFORD, Nov. 21 — Rep. John Cabello is looking for input from manufacturers and other business leaders as he drafts legislation to improve the workers’ compensation system.

Specifically, he would like submitted stories about workers’ compensation incidents that have been particularly problematic for employers: a summary of the scenario, excluding names and other confidential information.

The challenges and key issues of workers’ compensation were discussed Oct. 28 during a roundtable meeting with Rep. Cabello and seven manufacturing companies from the Rockford Region. The company leaders voiced many concerns, including the need for evidence to be allowed in court, more accountability from the claimants, and the cost of this type of insurance.

The deadline for submitting your summaries or comments is December 19. Please e-mail Cheryl Waak, Chief of Staff – Office of Representative John Cabello, at Call 815.282.0083 for more information.



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