EIGERlab gives girl a hand with 3D prosthesis

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EIGERlab gives girl a hand with 3D prosthesis

This fall, the Rockford Chamber of Commerce’s The Voice features how EIGERlab‘s Center for Product Development transformed life for a first-grader by creating a 3D prosthetic hand, leading her to say, “Now I can salute at Girl Scouts!”

See the story below, courtesy of Sherry Pritz:

Not unlike other precocious first graders, Raegan Reynolds has a smile that lights up a room with her mesmerizing blue eyes. What makes Raegan ever so slightly different from her peers is her birth defect—her right hand did not fully develop.

Raegan’s parents, Katie and Scott, have been pursuing all avenues in order to help Raegan with her challenge. “Insurance pays for only one prosthetic over the course of a lifetime, and we agreed that decision should be made by Raegan when she is an adult,” Katie said.

After learning how Boylan assisted other children with 3D printed prosthesis, Raegan’s aunt Beth contacted them to see if they could assist Raegan. Much to the family’s dismay, they learned that Boylan could not. Beth then Googled 3D printing and discovered that it is a service offered locally at the EIGERlab.

After searching for a solution for over two years, Katie and Scott are elated for their daughter, and are already noticing her confidence-level growing. The Highland Elementary School first grader chose her prosthetic to be printed in her school colors. Raegan shared, “Other little kids will think my new hand is awesome!”

EIGERlab Assistant Director Mike Cobert stated, “It is always exciting and challenging to help companies solve problems with their innovative products. However, it is not nearly as rewarding as the smile on Raegan’s face when she put her new additive manufactured [3D printed] hand on for the first time. It is priceless!”


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