Workforce Training

Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP)

ETIP grants can reimburse new or expanding companies for up to 50% of the cost of training their employees.  Employees must be permanent, full-time.  Project must meet eligibility requirements.

Incumbent Worker Training

The program is designed to assist employers in upgrading the skills of their workforce in order to remain competitive in both regional and global markets. The training can be customized to meet your company needs. If there are existing training programs available, and they meet your needs regarding training objectives, location, time, etc., we will assist you in accessing those opportunities.

Funds for this training are federally allocated Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds provided to the Boone and Winnebago Counties Workforce Investment Board by the US Department of Labor and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. The federal funds will pay for between 50% and 90% of the total training costs, depending upon the workforce size of your company. Your costs will be:

  • 10% of the training costs for firms with 50 or fewer workers
  • 25% of the training costs for firms with 51 to 100 workers
  • 50% of the training costs for firms with more than 100 workers